NuMe Styling Wands and Curlers – $100 OFF Any Tools + Free Argan Oil + Free Shipping

NuMe Styling wand tools, the CLASSIC WAND PEARL is amazing easy spiral curls in minutes, Long hair style ideas, easy long hair styles$100 OFF Any Tools + Free Argan Oil + Free Shipping

Use Promo Code: 100ALLSETS. This offer expires on Sunday, 7/24/16

I am pretty excited about this sale since you can use it on ANY styling tool. Our personal favorites are the Classic Wand Pearl, Pentacle Wand and the Straighters.  We have had ours for about 4 months now and they work REALLY well, my little sister who is a hair stylist even commented on what good quality they are.  If these have been on your wish list, you might want to grab one today with the $100 off, free aragan oil and free shipping combo offer!

NuMe Styling wand tools, the PENTACLE is amazing easy beach waves in minutes, Long hair style ideas, easy long hair styles

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  1. I ordered the spiral curler and the crumpet. Going to be fun❤️❤️

  2. The lady who is asking you to twist the iron is actually talking about the Tyme iron- that’s the one that is a flat iron and a curling wand when you twist it. I have it.

  3. Amy L Rector – just in case you need these items. Looks like a great deal.

  4. If you spritz all of the hair with the heat protection spray it’ll save you alot of time!! U0001f609

  5. What does the results look like if you use the big crimper by sliding and twisting? It reminds me of another tool I’ve seen in my feed recently.

  6. Thank you for this demo. I’ve been wanting to try these but have seen mixed reviews on this brand so I’m glad to see they work:) I can go order one now:)

  7. Velcro rollers are great to use in dry hair. Kinda like hot rollers. Softer effect.

  8. If you want some extra column you can always put a Velcro roller just behind your hair at scalp& just lay the hair you just did over it. Wait until it cools then remove it. & You will have some extra volumn

  9. Very cool. You can always use 2 different kinds to ask a fun style. It is always better to go from the bottom up so you don’t have to keep pushing the hair you just did to fetnthe the part you still need to do.

  10. With hair as long as your daughters it is really cool to alternate the way you twist the curls.

  11. The wand is all the rage with the pageant girls. Its simple to use and hold well.

  12. License Hair stylist here. Put a comb through with out your hand. So you don’t get static. 10x

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