On the Go Veggie Cups ~ finger food made simple #Party #Picnic

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On the Go Veggie Cups

Are you planning a party and are looking for an easy to put together, healthy snack to serve?  Maybe you are  going to the park with the kids and want to bring something healthy for a snack? These are practical, easy to make and assemble and can be thrown together quickly and who doesn’t love an easy snack?!

If you are serving for a party or get together, you will want some small,clear, plastic cups to serve in.  If you are going out or taking them on the road you may want to consider small jars or snack containers with lids.  Or take the bottle of ranch with you with some small cups and assemble when you are there.

Squirt some ranch into the bottom of each cup, add veggie slices of your choice, and you are ready to go! Any veggie would be great; carrots, celery, bell peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, the possibilities really can be endless!

For the ease of the party guests, or your children, cut the veggies into thin sticks and put one end into the ranch in the cup.  Now you also don’t have to worry about “double dipping” in your dip dish!

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