One Coupon Per Purchase ~ Walmart deals

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I had some free product coupons to use that I got from a blog conference I went to. Some of these items are only carried at Walmart so I made a trip there this weekend.  As you know I do not shop at Walmart very often… why you may ask?  Well because every time I go I seem to have a hard time at the register.  As well versed as I may be at using coupons I never want to have to justify or fight to use a coupon ( yes I am a big chicken).  As I took my items to the checkout lane I got lucky and had a wonderful friendly cashier, first we rang up all my non coupon items… then went to the free product coupons.

She acted excited that I was going to get to try some free food and asked all about my conference and the companies that gave them to me.  We got to the last 3 coupons  and they would not scan for the correct amount. So she called for a manager to come over, the manager came and as soon as he saw coupons got a grumpy look on his face.  Grumbled under his breath about getting things for free and then said “here is your problem… coupon says one coupon per purchase… you can’t use these”.  I wanted to reach across the counter grab my coupons and go to another store… but instead I smiled at him and said, ” how many am I purchasing? I can use one coupon per purchase … 3 items = 3 coupons.” He just looked at me, I then showed him the wording on a P&G coupon that reads Limit one coupon per purchase, Limit of 4 like coupon in the same shopping trip.  We were able to get the issue resolved and I thanked the cashier for being so kind.

Before coupons this would have cost $138.56

I was able to get it all for $48.84 ($15 of which went on a gift card) final price $33.84

I thought this would be a good time to re-post this post I did on the wording on a coupon

First let me say the fine print on a coupon should be read and honored.   A store has the right to refuse a coupon  ( which is silly they get reimbursed the full amount plus 8 cents).  That being said this is what the fine print means…

If your coupon says ” One coupon per purchase”

That means you are only able to use one coupon per item purchased.  ( NOT buy 5 items and scan the same coupon 5 times).  If you are buying or purchasing 5 items you can then use 5 coupons.  Ask yourself or the cashier how many items did I purchase….5, so that means you can use 5 coupons  (One per purchase). You can have multiple ”purchases” within one transaction.

If the coupon was to say “One coupon per transaction” then yes you are only to use one coupon for one item on that shopping trip.

If the coupon was to say ” One coupon per House Hold” then you are only use one coupon , not even on a new transaction or next shopping trip.

Many of you may have noticed P&G a few months back changed the wording on there coupons.  They now reads ” Limit one coupon per purchase, Limit of 4 like coupon in the same shopping trip” The top line means the same as above, one coupon per item or purchase ( you can buy 3 of the same items and use 3 coupons)…. but then the next line gives you even further instruction.  Only 4 like items in the same shopping trip.  So you can buy as many P&G products as you want in one transaction….but limited to 4 of each product. So 4 toothpaste, 4 shampoo, 4 bodywash…you get the idea.

The main thing is to remember a transaction is different than a purchase.  A transaction is the sum of all the items or all the purchases you made.

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