One mans trash is……. my family room decorations

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Decorating on a budget…

Ok be honest what is the strangest thing you have ever used as a decoration?

Growing up with a very frugal, and creative Mom she was always turning trash to treasure.  No joke… really she should have her own DIY show, she is amazing!  I wish I got a little more of her talent… but I did get her frugal nature.

Anyway so on with my story, a few weeks ago I went to a yard sale.  I picked up a few items and was ready to pay when I noticed in the back of they yard they had what looked like a pile of weeds and they had a sign of them that said FREE.  At first I thought it was a joke… who knows maybe it was.  But as I got closer I noticed that these “weeds” were rather fun looking and I really kind of liked them.

I have been wanting some tall grass or something to stick in one of my vases, but did not want to pay the $25 the craft store was charging.  So I picked up a handful of them and brought them home with me.  Stuck them in my vase… and well I really kind of like them.  I still have no idea what they are, but these “FREE WEEDS” sure made my day.

Do any of you have fun stories of trash to treasure?

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