One more reason I LOVE ALBERTSONS

IMG_1452Just in case you did not know…..I Love Albertsons.  I was happy to find out about a new program they just started.  Every now and then on the bottom of your receipt you will be randomly selected to take a SHORT 3 question survey.  In the past  you would get a free loaf of french bread…which was a nice reward.  But now instead of bread you get a code that is used for $2.00 off your next purchase.  I was so excited to get one of these the other day…..I let out a little squeal of delight.  You would have thought I had won the lottery….nope just a $2 coupon.  I know it is sad that this is the highlight of my day….but hey I was excited!

Of course I was happy to give my store all 5’s ( top marks) ….Hello I love that place!  So keep your eyes open for them on your receipts!

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