Online Deal – Shark Vac-then-Steam mop more then half off!

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Steam Mop

We bought a Steam Shark mop about two years ago and love it. One thing we wished it had was a vacuum for all of those little tidbits you clean up with the steam.

Then we found this deal today and we bought it. Yes it is refurbished, and yes so was the one we use now that we got two years ago. There is a good amount of savings by buying refurbished products. We have bought over a dozen items from this site and all work great.

Steam SharkThis Shark Vac then Steam is normally $155 for the machine.

Today we bought it for $64.98 including shipping!


I can’t wait for the delivery man to bring this to us. Matt loves to steam the floor but gets tired of sweeping then mopping then sweeping the little bits the mop gets off. Now with the Shark Vac-then-Steam he can work the floor over once!

Steam Vac Mop


  1. I think one of the things about it is that it is easy to use.  It’s easy to see that the manufacturer indicates a bunch of features of the vacuum, however, until you use one, you really see what the benefits are.  I had an off brand with the “similar” filtration system, but since using the shark, it makes a clear difference in the quality.

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