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How does the saying go? You give a child a wetsuit, but you can’t get them to go into the water? So the other day we got a wetsuit at WetSuit Warehouse for our youngest daughter. She was the last one to get a wetsuit. Every two years we go to the Oregon Coast to take a family vacation. And if you have ever been in the water in the Northwest coast – it is COLD! The kids love it, but they can not play very long due to the cold temperature.  So over the years we have purchased each of our kids a wetsuit. But our little Maleeya is a tiny little thing and  this year  we  finally found her the right size wetsuit at the WetSuit Warehouse!

So in her usual fashion, she “says” she want to swim. But as soon as the wave pushes in towards her – OFF she runs back up to dry sand.  And as soon as she thinks it is safe, she heads back out to go “swim”. Thinking she is going to bounce and swim in the waves.  But as soon as she see’s that wave crash towards her – Off she goes again. At Least this year she is not complaining about being cold. Thanks to her new full body wetsuit. So now she can run back and forth longer with out getting so cold she shiver’s and shakes from the cold northwest ocean. You can also find more sizes at Buy4Outdoors.

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