Oops did I do that ~ Sew Many mistakes over the years

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sewing with mom

I was raised by one of the craftiest ladies on earth… no joke my Mom can turn just about anything into something beautiful or creative. Check out these Wooden Photo Carvings she makes for people on Esty.  The plus side to having a SUPER talented, artistic Mom is she is constantly teaching me how to sew, paint, crochet, cross stitch or something creative. Growing up she always had a fun project for me to do.

Only problem is I am NOT near as talented as she is,  sure I am good at some things.  But others I really struggle with, like sewing it was just never my thing.  My Mom use to say, “Sarah, slow down your not driving a race car” I had a lead foot when it came to the sewing machine, and my lines were not exactly straight lol.   Yet my older sister was sewing her own clothes all threw high-school and even sewed her own wedding dress… (not me lol).

sewing oops

So still to this day when I have a sewing project I tend to go to Mom’s house for a little help.  My kids had really messed up the seat to my bench in the kitchen.  It was covered in stains and looked absolutely awful.  So for my birthday I went to Home Fabrics I was able to tackle the pillow cover just fine by myself, but the cover the the seat… well that was a little tricky and I needed my Mommy for that project.  Yes I am 33 years old and still need my Mommy:)

She was taking the old cover off so she could make a pattern off it, and we were laughing about all the old memories  of my sewing projects gone wrong.  She gave me the piece to cut out.  I was feeling rather good about my accomplishment, only to lift up the fabric and realized I totally cut right threw the table cloth underneath….. OOPS.

My Mom just looked over at me and started laughing.  I have not changed much in 20 years, still seem to find a way to mess up every sewing project I do 🙂  But the end project turned out just how I wanted, keeping my fingers crossed these will stay clean a little longer than the last ones.

Thanks for your help Mom 🙂

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  1. Sarah
    I need some window seat pillows. So do I go to the fabric store do they have all sizes. I have a big window and a little kids room window seat. I really dont frequent those store so I dont know.

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