Oops, the certificate that didn’t work and the resolution

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Ingard here, so I went out with my besties to share a lunch for a ‘girls day out’. Being a coupon minded individual I offered to use one of my Restaurants.com certificates to reduce the cost of our time together. We had a wonderful, side-splitting time and even enjoyed dessert together. When the bill came I presented the certificate and was told to my surprise and embarrassment that the restaurant was no longer participating and that the site was selling these without their approval, they even had signs up (that I had missed). The bill got paid and we walked away knowing we had had a good time and continued on with our ‘girl’s day’.

I talked with Sarah about my experience and my concerns to even suggest these to readers of athriftymom.com anymore. We agreed I would call and based on the results of the call a decision would be made on our recommending these to all of you.

Monday I called Restaurant.com and spoke to a very pleasant representative who understood how embarrassing that my experience had been and how inconvenient as well. He not only gave me a credit for the certificate but reassured me that the other certificates in my possession were either usable or if not just simply issued a credit for me to pick another certificate. He alerted the back office of my concern and my experience with the restaurant as well.

Last night my father-in-law took our family out to dinner and what did we use? You guessed it…. another Restaurant.com certificate…no issues at all… faith restored. If you are looking to save money on an evening out or a lunch with your besties than go HERE and get the current code that expires 8/24.


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