Oral B Glide Picks $3.58, Oral B Glide Floss $1.72, Oral B Kids Toothbrush $4.47 & Crest Kids Stages Toothpaste $2.00 At Walmart

oral b glide picks atm

Each end serves a purpose.  One end flosses & the end serves as a ‘toothpick’.

Oral B Glide Picks – $4.13 (Walmart)


$0.55 off Oral-B Glide Floss Pick 30 ct or larger
oral b floss atm
Oral B Glide Floss is recommended by dentist.
It slides up to 50% more easily into tight spaces than other flosses.
Oral B Glide Floss – $2.27 (Walmart)


$0.55 off ONE Oral-B Glide Floss
oral b kids power toothbrush atm
Oral B Stages Toothbrushes meet the needs of your child’s age & needs.
They are designed for ages 4-24 months, 2-4 years & 5-7 years.
Oral B Stages Toothbrushes – $4.97 (Walmart)


$0.50 off Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Kids Toothbrush
crest pro health stages kids toothpaste atm
Crest Pro-Health Stages provides cavity protection in kid approved formula.
Crest Pro-Health Stages Toothpaste – $2.50 (Walmart)


$0.50 off ONE Crest Kid's toothpaste