I told him he was Joker (but really he is a princess) #WordlessWednesday


My 4 year old son and his 6 year old sister were fighting about WHAT to play.  He wanted to play batman, and she wanted to play princess and dress up.  They did not want to play alone but would not compromise and take turns and play together.  SO of course they come to me crying …. I told them they just needed to play alone.  Once they got bored the would realize it is better to take turns and play together.   They did not like my solution and both went away pouting.

Soon after that I heard them laughing and playing, and I was feeling pretty good about the fact that they must have listened and were now taking turns.   Some time goes by, they both run threw the kitchen and I said, “I am so proud of you for taking turns and playing nice!”  I then asked the kids who got the first turn… and WHY is my son wearing lip stick?

My 4 year old  son tells me, “We are playing Batman… I am Joker”

My 6 Year old then tell me, “We are playing princess, he would not wear a dress so I told him he was Joker (but really he is a princess) that way he would let me put makeup on him.”

Clever little girl got her way I guess… and brother was happy as can be with a bright red JOKER mouth lol.




  1. Thanks for sharing… so very cute! Reminds me of my kidlets when they were littles.

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