Other Mothers Quarter Sale 11/4-11/5 ~ A call to help stop shop lifting

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You may remember that last month Other Mothers did a FREE quarter sale for our community.  She had hundreds show up and it was by far the biggest sale ever.  As I have gotten to know Jessica the owner of Other Mothers Nampa the last few years one thing is constant, her huge heart and drive to make this community a safe and fun place.  She gave away thousands of clothing items all for FREE…. but still had to pay extra staff to run the sale.  SO you ask why would she loose money…because she wants to give back and she knows the good it does for those families.

Now that being said, last months quarter sale broke an all time high of people that attended.  BUT it also broke another record that was down right heart breaking.  During  the two days of the Quarter Sale, theft was out of control.  Hundreds of dollars in  inventory simply vanished…. here she is giving away bags and bags of quarter sale items yet people stole items from the normal inventory.  Complete strollers  or car-seats were even taken…. it blows my mind.

In an effort to still be able to give back and have these quarter sales, Jessica has decided to move forward with another quarter sale (this one is not free, but all items will be $.25).  But now she has the extra cost of hiring a security guard for the sale.

So what I ask of you is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you go to the Quarter sale, keep your eyes open.  If you see someone stealing let someone know.  There are lots of eyes in that store and together we can help make a difference.  Also you may tell Jessica a big thank you for providing such a great place to shop in our community!

Other Mother has no idea I am writing this post but I felt it was important to bring these issues to light and hope we all can help!

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