Our Garden is well on its way ~ Growing Produce

Well I am happy that we took the gamble and planted our garden early this year.  It is mid June and it is already starting to produce and the plants are big and healthy.  With the exception of a watermelon plant that is not doing so hot, and a few cucumbers that don’t want to grow.  The rest of the plants are growing by the day!

We have corn over 2 feet tall, we planted two rows so we will have lots to enjoy!  If I was to do it again I would plant the 2 rows a few weeks apart so they would be harvested at different times… oh well I can do that next year.

I have 12 yellow squash that will be ready to pick next week and a few zucchini as well.  I will have squash coming out of my ears before long. Good thing I have a great Yellow Squash with Bacon recipe!

We have harvested our swiss chard and spinach a few times now,  and it keep growing back quicker than we can eat it 🙂

How is your garden coming along?  I would love to hear about it! 

You can read our full Garden Journey 2012, here.


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