Our Journey To The Airport ~ Mommy Moments #BlogHer12

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Last week Matt and I went on a trip to New York City to attend BlogHer, a blogging conference that 5000 bloggers attend.   This was our first time to the big city, I was a little scared but knew I would be fine with Matt by my side.  Matts parents and little sister came to watch our kids from 4 hours away.  Leaving my children is never easy, I worry non-stop about them.  I stress about every little thing that could go wrong or  the “what if”. Having my oldest son with heart issues and seizures does not make leaving them any easier either.  That being said I am SO VERY blessed to have family that loves our children and that they take amazing care of them while we are gone.

On our way to the Boise Airport, we were about 2 miles away from our turn off when our van DIED, lost power right in the middle of the freeway.  Luckily we had enough speed to coast off to the side of the nearest exit.  We tried everything to get it started again with no luck.  We could see the airport, the exit was at the end of the runway, but just could not get to the other side of it.  We decided to call a taxi to come get us, since we were 35 minutes from home. Long story short, the taxi service we called NEVER did show up after 45 minutes of waiting I got lucky and waved a cab down coming off the freeway.  Making it to the airport with about 15 minutes to spare before our flight left.  Now if you are not from Idaho you may not realize we DO NOT really have a lot of taxi’s just driving around.  So the fact that I was able to hail a taxi along side the freeway was an answer to a prayer no doubt. And my first time hailing a taxi!

Growing up in a small town if someone was along the side of the road you STOPPED to help them.  Even if that person was a stranger, you treated them like a neighbor.  I guess that was before cell phones, I admit I often pass others that may need help  and  assume they have someone on the way to help them.  But as I stood next to my van, watching what seemed like thousands of cars pass by me (even cops… aren’t they suppose to stop and help??), it was a very lonely place to be. My stress level was through the roof wondering if I was going to miss my flight.  I think I will be more apt to stop and see what I can do to help the next time I see someone along the side of the road.

Next challenge was what to do with my van, I could not just leave it on the side of the road for a week.  So I called my Mom and Dad… I am 32 years old and they still continue to be the most supportive people in my life .  It is so comforting  to know that I have always had someone in my life that will come rescue  me (or my van) when I call and ask for help.  So while I was in an airplane headed to New York City and helpless, my Dad and brother took off work to tow my van home. Matt parents had just arrived to help care for our kids.

Having my van break down was not the ideal way to start a trip… but in a crazy sort of way it reminded me just how BLESSED I AM!

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  1. I can understand your feeling because without children it is never easy to travel long distance journeys comfortably and safely. But if you travel with reliable person then there is no serious problem. But I hope that day was the most memorable day of your life….when you meet the bloggers at that trip it makes relax and calm your heart.

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