Our Leprechaun Trap

Mckeely, Maleeya and their friend Macey were hard at work yesterday building a Leprechaun trap.  They had big dreams on what they were going to do with his pot of gold once they caught him.  I  was enjoying listening to them play, and plan how to trap him.  They built several different models,  and were having a ball.  I went into the other room for  a bit to change and feed the baby, when I came back I was a bit surprised to see…….

What is it you ask?  Hello it is the most high tech, thought out leprechaun trap ever built…. each possible escape route closed off by a diaper, or tissue.

Yes I was a little shocked myself but they were so proud of their work, I could not help but smile.  I told them they needed to get it picked up after a bit…… But was quickly informed that it HAD TO stay up all night because that is when Leprechauns come out to play and eat.  So on my floor it sits….

What were they using for bait you ask? ….. GREEN food which happened to be the hot wasabi peas that they picked out of a bag of trail mix.

What did this morning bring?  Well looks like he got away this year, but he did leave a note and a few gold bars…..

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

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