Restaurant gift card $25 for only $3

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So little Matthew loves Mexican food. Even when Sarah was pregnant with him, she craved it. So the other night we decided to go get some. We jumped on, printed off a coupon to get $25 off our meal. We bought it for $3 bucks!

We went to eat, showed the lady at the door the gift certificate, just to make sure they still accept them. We ordered our food, ate, enjoyed watching Matthew inhale his food, and gave the waiter the gift certificate, and our money.

Our Gift Certificate: $25 off for only $3

( Sales differ by week, and go as low as $2 for $25)


Our cost before the Gift Certificate $50.17

Our total after the Gift Certificate ($25 bought for only $3)


How does this work?

Purchase and print off a gift certificate to your favorite local restaurant

Use the gift certificate with in 1 yr.

Ask before you sit if the store still accepts them,

For a $25 gift certificate, you must purchase at least $35 in food (not including alcohol)

Hand them the gift certificate before you pay.

They will take it off the total after the tip is added against the original total price. It is only proper to pay full tip for the people serving.

So our $50.17 meal (total including tip)

we dropped down to

$25.17 including tip

With only a $3 gift card!

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