Paper plate cat face craft for kids

Paper plate cat face craft for kids

Looking for a fun activity to do with the kids? This Paper plate cat face craft for kids is a fun preschool or homeschool activity or just for fun with the little ones.

Have you read the book “Have You Seen My Cat?” with your kids? If not, it is a cute one. This paper plate craft is a good one to do with them based off the book. Spending some time being creative is good for you and the kids.

you will need:

4 paper plates
Orange, blue, green, peach and grey craft paint 
Brown craft paint 
Pipe cleaners
Paint brushes 

Cut your paper plate into the shape of a cat face: oval top, flat sides, slanted sides and a rounded bottom.

Then cut out two triangle ears, two oval eyes, a rounded triangle chin and a tiny triangle nose from your extra plates.

Squirt a small amount of your paints either onto a paper plate, or an artists palette if you have one. You won’t need a lot of each color. Paint one of the ears orange and then lightly brush a small amount of the blue onto the other ear. 

Use grey paint to paint the top of the cat’s head and the bridge of it’s nose. Then, use the orange paint to paint the right side of it’s face. Again, lightly brush the blue paint leaving some white showing on the left side of the face.

Paint the eyes pieces green, the nose piece peach and leave the chin white.

Glue the eyes, nose and chin onto the face, and glue the ears on the top. Use a marker to draw a mouth on the face.

Cut your pipe cleaner into 3 inch pieces. You will need 6 pieces per cat craft. Glue 3 on each side of the nose and mouth.

That is it. You just created a fun craft that got the kids exploring and learning and was also a great way for them to learn more about this kid’s book. 

Do you have a kid’s book you love? Share in the comments!

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