Part three of saving money on Sesame Place

sesame_8The final part of Becky’s thrifty tip at visiting Sesame Place in the north east. She writes for the in Rochester, NY. Here is just a piece of her article:

“When you get to Sesame Place, you need to have a place to store your items. It will either be in your car or in a locker. You can carry around a backpack in the park, but when it is time to go on the water rides (and remember about 60% or more of the park is water rides), then you need to know what to do with your items! Plan ahead! Towels and shoes will be left in the little free cubbies when you go on a water ride (but they are very small – enough to shove a towel and two shoes). Buy a waterproof storage necklace ahead of time (they are expensive in the park). This is where you will store your money and keys! Lockers are incredibly expensive – over $18/day. You can come and go all day long when you use it, but I have a different suggestion. Skip the locker, pay the extra $3 for Preferred Parking and get to the park early to park up close!

When you arrive at Sesame Place, there are three parking options to choose from: General Parking – $15/day, Preferred Parking – $18/day or VIP Parking – $25/day. The preferred parking is a nice lot on the same side as the amusement park (as opposed to across the street). Each day we arrived 1/2 hour before the park opened so that we could get situated. We got fantastic parking right up front and also adjacent to the lawn (which really helped for walking back to our car to have a picnic lunch). We would set the blanket down right on the grass next to our car. Next to the preferred parking lot and on the way up to the gate, there are also tables and chairs that you can use too! You cannot bring large coolers into the park, so I really suggest paying for the Preferred. Then you can park right next to the little stretch of lawn and go back to your car for lunch everyday and also run right outside to get towels etc. when you are doing your water rides.”

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