Peanut Butter Fruit Dip~ Turkey Tray~ Thanksgiving Snack Idea

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Peanut Butter Fruit Dip~ Turkey Tray~ Thanksgiving Snack Idea

This fruit dip is AMAZING.  Seriously.  If you like apples and peanut butter you are going to want to eat it all on your own.  The recipe makes enough to share, so bring it to your next holiday gathering so you aren’t tempted to eat it all alone.

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1 cube cream cheese

1 cup brown sugar packed

1 cup peanut butter

1/4 cup milk

*Would also be fabulous with chocolate chips mixed in

Soften your cream cheese, add all your other ingredients and mix with a mixer.  It really is so simple!

Let it chill for a little while (although it tastes great right away too)

To create this cute turkey with your apple slices, you will need a round tray.  For easy clean up, cover it in tin foil.  Use an apple slicer and cut up the desired amount of apples.  The tray pictured had 5 whole Fuji apples on it.  Place your bowl of dip on the tray.  Arrange fanning out the slices as if they are the feathers, spreading around your bowl.  Your bowl is the body of the turkey.  I used m&ms for my turkey face and a Hershey kiss for his beak.

Your apples will turn brown if sliced too long, so slice them just before serving.

thanksgiving food ideas, #snack, #apples, #fruitdip, #fruittray, #turkey, #thanksgiving, #thanksgivingfood


  1. For a nut free dip, you could use pureed pumpkin, cool whip and some powdered sugar…add pumpkin pie spice if you like. ¬†OR use caramel dip!

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