Pearl Value Chart Estimate for Kalo Oysters

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kalo pearl value chart

Pearls value can vary by color, size, shine, thickness of nacre, defects, shape and personal opinion. Only licensed gemologists can give a pearl value. Since I have not gone to school to get that fancy title. I Β will just refer you to the pearl value chart listed above so you can see an estimate of what your pearl could be worth.


If you would like to buy an oyster for us to open on a live show, place your order at athriftymom.kalojewelry.comΒ you can also purchase a jewelry cage if you would like that goes on a necklace or a bracelet charms start low as $9.99.

Pearl Value Chart Estimate for Kalo Oysters



  1. When are your pearl shows. I love the pearls you have. I really want to go to your next show. I am mst and seem to miss them every time U0001f641

  2. Wow that’s so cool! Sounds like my Sam, a couple of busy bodies! Lol

  3. That’s awesome! Jacob is 23 he turns 24 in April so about the same age! He loves to turn it up a notch “BAM” He works at UPS and runs a jujutsu gym with a friend… and attends college to be a DoDEA school teacher!

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  6. Can’t wait until I can order in Australia. So sad I can’t buy, but always enjoy you guys. So much fun U0001f60a

  7. Yes it is late 1:30 and my hubby is now snoring but I can’t stop until they are all opened!!!! Lol

  8. This was fun! I can’t believe I stayed up watching oysters being shucked,but now I wanna do it myself, lol this is the second time I have watched you. First was some straightening brush…. I have taught special ed 15 years and need a new job….but I already sell paparazzi jewelry and accessories, and joined elk river soap company, now I wanna do the pearls….

  9. I can’t believe I watched you shuck all those!!!! U0001f61cU0001f61cU0001f61c

  10. Yes, my brothers both cook and it’s a good thing cause they both married women who can’t. My son cooks amazingly he is 24 now and when he was 5 Emeril was big and he would run in and turn him on!!!! And yes raising Loving Christians!

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  17. Idk about wisdom for raising them.. but what works for me with mine.. be open and honest with them and they will be with youβ™‘

  18. Just want u to know I cheated twice. But they were boring n I came back. lol I didn’t order from them. U0001f602

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  27. My first time watching y’all…. I love that y’all do it together as a family!!

  28. I have collected salt water pears since I was in high school. They never go out of fashion so classic and classy!!! Love them!!!!!

  29. I did this in Hawaii for half the price. Maybe I wasn’t getting a good deal. But they look the same.

  30. Perfect ty one is for my daughter for her birthday this is a big deal for this single momma πŸ™‚

  31. So excited the small one can be for my youngest I’m super excited for the dark one. Thank you!

  32. Lol what did you do Friday night? Me and hubby watched oysters being opened!!!! Lol

  33. Ok my daughter has piano recital tomorrow. Love watching you guys tho.U0001f44dU0001f49c

  34. Just a suggestion but you may need to limit how many you open in a night. I would like to stay up for the share draw but that makes it hard for us in different time zone. Sorry

  35. It’s 12:40 and now I have the husband watching with me!!!! Lol who thought watching oysters is how we spend Friday night… U0001f602

  36. So pretty. I didn’t realize that pearls came in so many different colors!

  37. and i dont know about your kids but they have to be dying to go to the er my son just broke his collar bone and i knew it was broken but made him wait till the morning to go to the doctor and i have supper glued many cuts i have to pay to go to the er so no go if your not dying

  38. so these pearls don’t have holes in them right that’s why they sale the cases

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  41. Trying to stay up for the share draw. Kinda hard for those of us in did time zoneU0001f614

  42. i have found that tattooed men are usually the biggest babies and are scared of needles

  43. Haha I was yelling at my phone cause it kept popping up saying error cannot play video. I was yelling at it that it was just playing! Lol

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