Peeps Pudding Cup Dessert ~ Quick and Easy Easter Dessert

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Peeps Pudding cups, quick and easy Easter Dessert with little or no prep time #Easter

Peeps Pudding Cup Dessert

You will need:

  • 1 chocolate snack pack jello cup
  • 1 lemon snack pack jello  cup
  • 1 lemon pudding jello cup
  • 1  Peeps
  • Reddi whip or cool whip (which ever your like best)

Layer the pudding, cool whip and jello in each glass. I found it is easiest to do with a small spoon to try and keep the sides clean and “pretty” looking.  Right before you serve them add whip cream to the top and the Peep.  If you have a hard time getting your peep to sand up you can put it on a sucker stick or straw and put it all the way down into the cup.  Quick and easy, within 5 minutes you have a tasty dessert that is beautiful as well.  Enjoy!

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