Caramel Apples the easy way ~ But taste AMAZING!

Let’s face it caramel apples are delicious, the perfect combo if you ask me.  But they take time to make, they are tricky to eat and if you buy them from a candy shop ridiculously  over priced.  So I am going to let you in on a little secret…. once you try it you will never go back.

A MilkyWay Simply Caramel cut into strips tastes JUST LIKE a fancy gourmet caramel apple. So simple but tastes  AMAZING on a apple fresh from the orchard.  Jonathan  apples are my favorite they are tart and crisp for a perfect balance with the sweet caramel and chocolate.   Or a Granny Smith is good too!  If you want to get all fancy place a salted cashew on top…. seriously SO  GOOD!

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