Period survival kit

Period survival kit

Have a teen or tween that is going through puberty? A Period survival kit can be a fun gift for them to welcome them to the club.

Period survival kitIf you have a tween or teen that has embarked on the puberty phase of their life it can be an awkward and uncomfortable time for them as they get used to it. A period survival kit can be a fun gift to help them see that it can be a fun time of life too. Throw in some of their favorite things along with some things they will need. Put it all into a cute bag and they can just keep it in their back pack or locker just in case.

Some of the things you could add to the bag that they may need are

some different sizes of pads


maybe some small sized tampons

a pair of panties in their size

 moist towelettes

hand sanitizer

Some of the more fun things that could help brighten their day could be some of their favorite treats

chocolate (you must have chocolate in a period kit)

a salty snack

a healthy snack


nail polishes

face masks

or so many other fun things that they may love.

Having a few of these on hand for nieces, cousins, friends, any tween or teen girl that you may know will brighten anyone’s day. My daughter always carries a few extra in her backpack just in case and it has come in handy.

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