Personalized Phone Charger~Silly Face

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Personalized iphone charger, #iphone, #charger, #diy, #personalized, #easy, #gift, #kids


Personalized Phone Charger~Silly Face

We have a few Apple products around our house.  Between the Ipods and the Iphones, sometimes we get whose is whose mixed up.  Usually it doesn’t matter, but if someone wants to take their charger with them somewhere, or needs to use it,  it can lead to an argument (and no parent wants that!)

Here is an easy way to personalize your chargers so there is no more confusion about whose is whose!

Its pretty simple here is what you need:

A charger

Some googly eyes


That is!  I found a bag of googly eyes at the dollar store and chose 2 different sizes for fun.  Make sure your charger is right side up.  The top should be wider then the bottom.  Glue your eyes on to that part of the charger.

Perfect for little kids, they won’t let them out of their sight! Think stocking stuffer. Would make a great gift for a gadget lover with a sense of humor as well.

personalized iphone charger, #iphone, #charger, #personalized, #gifts, #easy, #diy

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  1. This is cute, would like to decorate my RavPower 14000mAh battery charger in a cute way like this.

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