Personalized Phone Charger~Washi Tape

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Personalized Iphone charger washi tape, #iphone, #charger, #personalized, #gift, #easy, #diy, #washitape


Personalized IPhone Charger~Washi Tape

Looking for a cute way to personalize your Iphone charger? Do you get your chargers around your house mixed up?  Here is a quick, easy and cute way to spruce up a boring charger while personalizing it and keeping track of it all at the same time.

You will need:

A charger

Washi tape

Personalized iphone charger using washi tape, #iphone, #charger, #personalized, #easy, #washitape, #diy, #gift

There are so many adorable patterns of washi tape.  If you haven’t heard of washi tape, it is a Japanese paper, decorative tape.  So cute, and so many options to pick from.  Here are some of my favorites. Here and Here.  I seriously love this stuff though, and there are tons more that I adore, but this gives you an idea of what you are looking for.

Washi tape is pretty thin, and comes on and off pretty easy.  So if it doesn’t lay on perfectly straight, you should be able to remove it and try again.  Simply start at the bottom of your charger so the “seam” doesn’t show, and wrap around till you get back to your starting point.  For the width of an Iphone charger, you will probably need to strips of Washi tape.  Most of it is pretty standard width, and it isn’t wide enough to cover the whole thing.

There you go.  Get a few different designs and personalize the whole house so no one forgets which is theirs again!  Would be a great stocking stuffer for anyone on your list as well.

personalized iphone charger with washi tape, #washitape, #personalized, #iphone, #charger

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