Phoenix And The Moon ~ A book worth backing, we need your help!

Update* just wanted to remind you to please like this kickstarter project on facebook, or make a donation if you can! ONLY  13 Days to go!!!

I want to introduce you to a project on kickstarter, but first let me tell you why I am so excited about this project.  About a month ago I met one of my neighbors who lives around the corner from me.  While talking I found out that Joseph is a very talented artist and working to put together his first children’s book Phoenix And The Moon.  His artwork is breathtaking, and simply amazing!

Then just a few days ago I stumbled upon a link to his kickstarter link, posted on facebook by my cousin.  This is a place were you can put an idea and people can back your project.  You can  help his dream of  publishing this book come about.  This project NEEDS to be a book, and I can not wait to read it to my little ones. For backing the project you can earn all kinds of special perks too, see the Phoenix And The Moon for more details.

He needs $10,000 to fund this project, right now he is at $3,362 with only 18 days left. You can back anywhere from $1-$2000+ but any and all are welcome.  Even a dollar at a time will help him each his goal!    Please think about backing Phoenix And The Moon.  If you are not able to offer any funds please share this on your facebook page and  let your friends know about it!

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