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Get a photo flip book for only $4.99 including Free Shipping!

What do you do with all the art projects your kids make?


My  kids love to paint, color a draw.  They proudly show off their projects, and smile ear to ear as we hang it on the Refrigerator, for all to see.  But before long the whole refrigerator is covered in artwork.  It piles up and we can’t stand the clutter….So what do you do?

  • Try to hide one or two in the garbage each day, and hope they don’t  notice they are gone.
  • Have you child pick their favorite ones and display only 2 or 3
  • Keep them in a file folder
  • Here was my favorite idea…. Make a book out of them!


You can either take photos of them, (like I did) or use your scanner to copy the artwork.  Then save them till you have enough for a photo book.  If your child is old enough to write stores, you can also put text in the book as well, and use the photos as your illustrations.

It will eliminate the clutter, and give you something to cherish for years to come!

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