Pickle Thief ~ Friday Funny

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I missed Wordless Wednesday this week due to being sick so I thought would share a FRIDAY FUNNY instead.  Yesterday my 2 year old came to me holding a jar of pickles and asked me to open the jar.  Now keep in mind this was a BRAND NEW jar of pickles.  I opened the jar and gave him a pickle… he sat down and happily chopped away at his crunchy pickle.  I ran up stairs to gather some laundry, and  folded a batch of clothes.  I heard the crunch of another pickle I smiled and asked Maveric if he had another pickle.

Just then I looked up and noticed…. HALF THE JAR WAS GONE.  It took the little stinker about 15 minutes to eat half a jar of baby dills.  He just looked at me and smiled and said…. ” Pickles are SO YNUMMY Mommy”

I am pretty sure I would have a belly ache, but he did not seem to skip a beat 🙂


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