Pie and Ice Cream THRIFTY deal update

pie and icecream

Just in case you missed this deal on my Albertsons Match ups.  A new ad started today at Albertsons and on the front is a very THRIFTY deal on SaraLee pies and Breyers Ice Cream.


I had this posted as being able to use 2 of each coupon yesterday, but my Albertsons said they just got a letter from corporate today telling them they can in fact use a coupon on the free items but they will only take one of each coupon.  They said they are doing it this way because the coupon says “one per Purchase” at the bottom.  But every coupon says that, it means one coupon per item per purchase.  If the coupon says one per transaction then Yes they should limit you to just one.

I questioned them if this is their reasoning then do they plan to limit us to one coupon on every purchase or just the pie promo….it does not make sense to me. I have called the manufacturer before and asked them about the wording on the coupon and they have ALWAYS confirmed that it means one coupon per item, per purchase.  But if I want to buy 3 items and use three coupons that is just fine.  Who knows maybe the rules have changed as of the last week? If I had more time today I would be making phone calls and trying to get a better answer.  But my little sister is getting married in two days, I am hosting 7 people from New York at my house that I have never met,  for the wedding.  They are coming tonight and I am not ready ….and I just do not have time to fight this issue this week.

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