Planting Jelly Beans ~ Easter Fun for Little Ones

Easter is just a week away, I am sure many of you have fun family traditions your little ones look forward to each year.  But I want to share this clever idea my friend told me about.  It  reminds me of the magical fairy tale of Jack and the Bean Stalk…. magic beans always add a little extra fun to any story!

All you need is a few Jelly Beans, Lolly Pops or Suckers ( or you could use Easter goodies, books or toys)  and some awesome story telling skills 🙂

Story idea #1– You found these magic beans that the Easter Bunny must have dropped,  being that these are magic beans they will sprout a magical surprise when planted and watered.  Dig a little hole, cover them up, add water and see what the morning sun brings you! ( I got these flower suckers at the $1.00 store)

Story idea #2– If you do not have the Easter Bunny come to your house, or if you want to add more of a religious teaching, you can talk about Luke Chapter 18 in the Bible.  Talk about how Jesus’s body was laid in the tomb then on the 3rd way was  raised from the dead and lived again.  The flowers can be a symbol of raising up, and living again.


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