Playskool Fall Toy Giveaway Enter to win a prize package worth over $150

I was pretty excited when Playsool asked me to host a Playskool Fall Toy Giveaway! They have lots of fun new toys, and we get to tell you all about them. Best part is ONE lucky reader will win every thin in the photo below!

Playskool Fall Toy Giveaway ~ To Enter for a chance to win ( 4 ways to enter to win):

  1. Leave a comment below telling me what toy you are most excited about
  2. Watch our facebook live video and leave a comment on the video
  3. Find us on Instagram and leave a comment letting us know you found us!
  4. Find us on Pinterest and leave a comment letting us know you found us!

playskool-fall-toy-giveawayThe Playskool brand’s fall line up includes playful toys for Hasbro’s youngest fans and introduces them to classic characters from Star Wars and Transformers Rescue Bots! Playskool Fall Toy Giveaway,  one lucky reader will win the following:
– Playskool Chase N’ Go Ball Popper ($33)
– Transformers Rescue Bots Griffin Rock Firehouse Headquarters ($40)
– Transformers Optimus Prime Racing Trailer ($30)
– Star Wars Ghost Playset ($30)
– Star Wars Deluxe Vehicle ($20)
– Star Wars Galactic Rivals ($30)
– Mr. Potato Head Star Wars Mini Figure ($4)


Playskool Chase ‘n Go Ball Popper

Playskool Fall Toy Giveaway – (Ages 9 months & up/Approx. Retail Price: $32.99/Available: Fall 16) Introducing an innovative update to the classic PLAYSKOOL BALL POPPER toy! The CHASE N’ GO BALL POPPER toy features the same air-powered popping play that kids love with an exciting twist! For a giggling good time, parents or kids can swivel the trunk around to deliver even more unpredictable ball-popping action! The toy has several features that encourage little ones to stand, crawl, grasp, and even dance along to the elephant’s poppin’ tunes. With a slim, easy-tostore design and a convenient handle, this elephant is ready for fun anytime, anywhere! Available in pink and teal, each sold separately. Requires 4 D batteries, not included.

playskool-fall-toy-giveaway-transformers-griffin-firehouse-headquarters-jpgPlayskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Griffin Rock Firehouse Headquarters

  • Playskool Fall Toy Giveaway – (Ages 3-7 years/Approx. Retail Price: $39.99/Available: Fall 16) Little ones can imagine all sorts of fun rescue adventures with the RESCUE BOTS team in their GRIFFIN ROCK FIREHOUSE HEADQUARTERS playset! When danger is near, kids can extend the rotating tower to get a full 360-degree view of the surrounding area, then use the two hiddenreveal projectile launchers to pretend put out fires! When it’s time to head out on the next big mission, little ones can gear up the CODY BURNS figure in rescue gear, help him hop on the rescue motorcycle and use the vehicle launcher to takeoff through the secret tunnel. Launcher is also compatible with vehicles from the RESCAN assortment. Raise the helicopter landing pad, extend the ground bridge, and swing out the control center platform to convert the firehouse into the RESCUE BOTS headquarters. Other big-adventure features include an extendible helipad, sliding fire pole, ladder, and a pull-out ground bridge to bring the set to life! Playset comes with CODY BURNS figure, fire gear, and rescue motorcycle. (Additional vehicles sold separately)


Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Energize Optimus Prime Figure

        Playskool Fall Toy Giveaway – (Ages 3-7 years/Approx. Retail Price: $29.99/Available: Fall 16) Race to the rescue with OPTIMUS PRIME character and his racing trailer! The TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS OPTIMUS PRIME RACING TRAILER playset features two easy-to-convert figures:the OPTIMUS PRIME figure as a racing-inspired semi-truck and the BLURR figure, as a race car. The trailer converts into a vehicle launcher that is compatible with the OPTIMUS PRIME and BLURR figures, as well as the other RESCUE BOTS vehicles from the RESCAN assortment (Each sold separately). For even more stunt action play, detach the base of the trailer and convert it into a ramp.


Star Wars Galactic Heroes The Ghost

Playskool Fall Toy Giveaway – (Ages 3-7 years /Approx. Retail Price: $29.99 /Available: Fall 16) Based on the hit animated series, STAR WARS REBELS, this brand new vehicle will allow little ones to act out exciting adventures! THE GHOST playset converts from spaceship mode to playset mode by raising the top of the set. Open THE GHOST playset to reveal a removable cannon, crane, and rover that detaches from the front of the ship to extend the fun! The set also includes EZRA and CHOPPER figures, and is compatible with the PHANTOM vehicle from the DELUXE FIGURE assortment, sold separately.


Playskool Fall Toy Giveaway – Assortment (Ages 3-7 years/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Now) Travel the galaxy with the iconic ships from the STAR WARS universe, sized right for smaller hands and featuring easy to hold handles. An iconic STAR WARS character figure is included with every ship for a fun, galactic play experience! The assortment includes: POE’S X-WING FIGHTER, the TIE FIGHTER ADVANCED, and SNOWSPEEDER vehicles. Each vehicle sold separately.

playskool-fall-toy-giveaway-star-wars-galactic-heros-the-ghostStar Wars Galactic Heroes Galactic Rivals Action Figure

Playskool Fall Toy Giveaway – (Ages 3-7 years/Approx. Retail Price: $29.99/Available: Fall 16) Little ones will love creating their own epic galactic battles with the STAR WARS GALACTIC RIVALS. This STAR WARS figure set includes LUKE SKYWALKER, OBI WAN KENOBI, YODA, REY, CHEWBACCA , DARTH VADER, KYLO REN, GENERAL GREVIOUS, THE EMPEROR, and STORMTROOPER, figures, sized right for little hands!

Mr. Potato Head Star Wars Mini Figure

Playskool Fall Toy Giveaway – STAR WARS Mini Figure Assortment (Ages 2 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $3.99/Available: Now) May the “Spud” be with you! It’s MR. POTATO HEAD as familiar and favorite STAR WARS characters in a 2-inch size perfect for collecting. Now fans young and old can build MR. POTATO HEAD as their favorite STAR WARS characters and take them on out-of-this world adventures. Each sold separately. Each item in the assortment includes one 2-inch potato body and one 3- piece costume to build Yoda or R2-D2.

Winner will be picked by a 3rd party.  Winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize. Winner must live within the USA. Prize will be fulfilled by Playskool. Winner will be picked on 10/24/16.  I was not paid for this post, all opinions are my own. 


  1. Meant to say grandsons U0001f60aU0001f499. There’s 2 that will be sharing. I’m so excited can’t believe it. I love your page.

  2. CONGRATS YOU ARE THE WINNER. You will have 48 hours to claim your prize, please see the private message I sent to your Facebook page. Stacey Juarez

  3. Hard to decide. The Star Wars toys. No wait – the Rescue Bots. Or is it the Chase n Go Ball? Can’t code. I love them all.

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  7. I am most interested in the
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  8. Oh my word I’m so looking forwards to enjoying thelook on his little face when and if he wins this package!!!!

  9. I’m most excited about the Transformers Rescue Bots Griffin Rock Firehouse Headquarters!  My grandsons would love it!

  10. I am excited about the Transformers Optimus Prime Racing Trailer.

  11. We recently discovered playschool heroes and have started our marvel, starwars and transformer collections. We’d love to add to it. I have two kiddos and lots of neices and nephews that come through for regular playdates, these toys would be well loved and enjoyed! Thanks for the opportunity 😀

  12. Star Wars is very big at my house! But my niece would love the Chase N’ Go Ball Popper! I love your Facebook Live videos.

  13. I found you on Pinterest! lol I’m not sure how to leave a comment on Pinterest lol U0001f602

  14. My 7 year old Grandson would love all of it. Especially the Stars Warsaw stuff.

  15. Super excited about the starwars toys! That’s a big deal at our house right now! And the ball chaser for my 2 year old

  16. The stars wars Mr potato head is definitely my favorite. My niece would would love him. He would be a great Christmas present.

  17. My son is starting to like star wars and he loves stice ships. So i am excited and would love to win for my son. Great christmas gifts.

  18. My 2 boys are OBSESSED with Star Wars and the ball popper would be perfect for the new baby coming soon!

  19. Pretty much all…. but the Star Wars action figures would get a lot of action in my home with my 4 U0001f633 boys.

  20. I have a 3 month old granddaughter and a 7 year old granddaughter. Would love to win

  21. My boy would love ALL the star wars toys and my little girl would get the ball popper. Fun for all in the Bindrup house!

  22. Boy Mom here- those Star Wars Heroes would make me a hero in my home U0001f64bU0001f3fc

  23. Boy Mom here- those Star Wars Heros toys would make me a hero in my home U0001f64bU0001f3fc

  24. My kids would be so excited and love Santa forever if he brought these toys to them!

  25. I am probably most excited for the star wars potato heads!!! Those are sooo stinking cute!!

  26. I honestly love all of these toys! I have 5 kids just like you, but mine are 4 boys and 1 girl!

  27. So excited about the Stars Warsaw action figures! Love, love, love imaginative play!!!

  28. Kids would flip over all of it, but I’m most excited about the Playskool Chase N’ Go Ball Popper!

  29. My son loves anything star wars and super hero. We are most excited about those things! Yay!

  30. Awe my grandson would love them. Would put away for Xmas hubby is on disability right now. Funds will be super tight……

  31. My 4 yrs old grandson would be so happy to get this. He loves star wars. Would love to win!!!!!!!!

  32. Star wars is the new thing here would love to win some liked shared an follow on Pinterest an Instagram thank u

  33. I’m most excited about the starwars. My son would love these and maybe me. U0001f606U0001f606

  34. Star Wars toys, my daughter would love them! And I would love to have them! Followed on instagram and Pinterest and commented on site! Your Apron matches beautifully!

  35. That is awesome! Would love to win for my grandkids. But more importantly I would love to win so I can give to a needy child.

  36. Would love to win for my grandchildren.And I would donate to a family in need too. Thank you for a chance to win.Good Luck Everyone!!

  37. I am most excited about the Star Wars toys my daughter for some reason really likes them!

  38. I’ve got 3 grandson 8 month old 2 1/2 years old and a 8 year old. They could use all of them for Christmas gifts for the boys.

  39. Yay!!! My 19 year old could play with the STAR WARS toys with my 4 year old!!! My 19 year old loves Star Wars and 4 year old loves toy!!! Its a win win situation!!! Finally something they both can relate too!!

  40. The transformers Optimus prime rescue trailer! My son loves rescue bots and Star Wars so much, this would be amazing to win 🙂

  41. My boys would love it all. One son loves fire trucks and firemen. I think that would be a big hit here.

  42. I like your ‘down to earth’ videos !!!! It is a natural mom !!!! So thanks for the help !

  43. I am most excited about the Star Wars sets! My little has this on his Christmas list already!

  44. Was already following you on Facebook but found you on Pinterest and Instagram as well! Also commented on fb and am most excited about the star wars ghost. But it’s all really cool! 🙂

  45. I’m most excited about the Star Wars action figures. Already following on Instagram and Pinterest.

  46. Star Wars is HUGE in my house. The boys would love these. I love the Mr Potato Head Star Wars figures

  47. Oohhhhh awwwwe so excite about this package. I have two boys in the age range and one coming up shortly. Plus we just decorated their room in firetrucks. What an awesome opportunity to host for Playskool.

  48. I found you in Instagram and pinterest, following you already. I also saw your live video and commented as well,thank you.

  49. love the firehouse for my son and the Star Wars for my daughters lol
    following on instagram and pintrest

  50. My 7 year old loves Star Wars and Rescue Bots so he we would freak out over these! And my 1 year old would love the elephant popper! Awesome deals!!

  51. There is Star wars talk all over at our house .lol. my 2 boys would freak over he Star Wars toys!

  52. Whoa id love to win. I have kid ranging from toddler to 9 this is a great toy lot. Love the starwars

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  55. My 2 boys are going as a storm trooper and Luke for Halloween so Star Wars all the way!

  56. My son’s will like all this toys . My 11 months old will love the elephant popper and my 9 years old will love the rest

  57. My baby is named Ezra…we got like 3 of those. 15inch Ezra dolls from hubbys co workersU0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  58. I could see my husband and daughters geeking out over this stuff. I like that everything seems a reasonable price. I love the big set of action figures.

  59. I am most excited about the chase and go ball popper but my 9 years old will have fun with the rest.

  60. Star Wars The Ghost!!! This is amazing. My daughter is obsessed with Star Wars currently!!! So awesome!!!

  61. We need that firehouse for my 2.5 year old son! He likes to sneak in sister’s room to push all the buttons on her Barbie house. He needs his own ‘house’! Lol

  62. Honestly excited for all of it! Covers all my kids ages! Almost 7, 5, and 1 and all their bithdays are right after Christmas, this would be amazing! Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. My kids would love the Star Wars toys!!! The Star Wars Ghost Playset looks like so much fun!

  64. Oh my goodness…love the ghost!!  I think Santa will be bringing quite a few of these to our house as well!!!!

  65. My boys love Star Wars especially Bryson who was born on Star Wars Day… May the 4th be with you

  66. My little boys would go crazy over all these! My 4 year old today told me our sad toys were old and not very fun to play with. And my 18m old is so active and loves new things. He would love the elephant!

  67. It’s almost midnight for me. I have to head to bed. Have fun and good luck everyone!

  68. My boys would love all of these and baby will love ball popper in a few months lol

  69. Would be awesome to win. Either way thank you for taking time out of your evening to do this 🙂

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