Please vote for Matt to be a Jamba Juice Ambassador

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Please vote for Matt click here

If you have been reading our site long, it is no secret that Matt’s favorite treat is Jamba Juice.  Every Christmas, Birthday, Fathers day, or special day we all know to get him a Jamba Juice gift card as the perfect gift.  He may not use many coupons, but if a Jamba Coupon or promo is out there… you bet he is going to find it.  Any excuse to go to Jamba and he is a happy boy.  You should have seen the twinkle in his eye when he was going on a Daddy Daughter Date and Mckeely had a list of fun activities to choose from and she picked to go get a Jamba with Daddy.  Or when he feeds our little ones Jamba for the first time and watches their eyes light up, and wiggle their cute little toes….like Yumm what is this stuff and Matt giggles as he says “Yip, welcome to Jamba”.

We were beyond excited when Matt was selected as one of 25 finalist to become a Jamba Ambassador.  Bad news is the contest has been going on for 13 days and we just found out…… WE ONLY HAVE 3 DAYS LEFT TO VOTE FOR MATT!!!!!  You can vote once per day… and we  REALLY need your help.  Please vote for him and ask your friends to vote as well!

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