Proof in Walgreens ad that you can stack IVC and MFR coupons

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A few weeks ago several of you reported that Walgreens said you could no longer use a IVC (instant value store coupon) with a Manufacturer coupon.  I even called to talk to my local store and they said they got a memo that told them they could no longer take both coupons on one item.  But they did NOT have an answer as to why, being that their store policy says you can.

I told a few of my coupon friends to not worry about it… give it a few weeks and it would go back to normal.  They seemed worried, but I told them I had been couponing a long time and this seems to happen every year.  But within a few weeks it always goes back to the old way and accept both coupons.

SURE enough look what was listed in this Sundays ad, they are telling you to USE BOTH COUPONS……say what?  Yip they are telling you use both the IVC coupon and a MFR coupon on one product. Glad to see things are back to normal 🙂 Ingard went to try this deal out and sure enough they said they changed their policy back to accepting both coupons.

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