Puzzle piece Christmas craft for kids

Puzzle piece Christmas craft for kids

I think this year more than any we are looking for ways that we can create memories with our kids. Making this Puzzle piece Christmas craft for kids takes just a few supplies and is fun for the kids and adults. You could even add some ribbon or an ornament hanger to make it into an ornament that you can cherish season after season.

Puzzle piece Christmas craft for kids
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To make these ornaments, you just need

some green paint
a paint brush
small puzzle pieces
craft glue
ribbon, buttons, embellishments

The best part about the puzzle pieces is that you don’t need to spend money on a full puzzle. Go to the thrift store and grab a puzzle, it doesn’t matter what the image is. You can find puzzles for less than a buck usually, making this a very frugal craft.

Painting the underside of the puzzle is a little easier and the paint tends to stay a little better. Using the picture side of the puzzle tends to have a sheen to it and makes it harder for the paint to adhere.

Paint the pieces and let them dry. Once they are dry use some craft glue on the unpainted side and glue them together in the shape of a tree or a wreath.

Add a star button to the top of your tree, make a small ribbon to your wreath and you are good to go!

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