Q and A: B1G1 coupons

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Here is a question from the email box:

I am new to couponing and I’m starting to get the hang of it.  However I do have a question about the BOGO coupons. If I have a coupon for an item that is simply a BOGO, can I use any other coupons with it?  Considering it is two items that you are purchasing? I wasn’t sure how that worked so any information would be wonderful, thank you.

  • First of let me just say this a GREAT question and something that takes quite a while to learn and even then policies change and so then the you need to relearn. 🙂
  • Second, to answer this question is really quite dependent on the store you shop at. The best rule of thumb is to refer to the store coupon policy that you want to shop at, which usually addresses this very complex subject.
  • Take case in point Rite Aid where you can use a B1G1 and a ‘cents off’ coupon for the two items you purchasing but don’t try to use a B1G1 coupon on a B1G1 promotion it goes against the coupon policy.
  • Walgreens coupon policy states that two coupons can be used on a B1G1 store promotion so you can use a B1G1 coupon and get both items for the tax only.
  • If the store you are shopping at doesn’t have a written coupon policy you will need to talk to the stores manager as to how that store deals with coupons, and you might have to plead your case (remember the adage ” you get more flies with honey than vinegar”).
  • Just another reason to print the current policy and keep it in your binder so that you can reread policies and make sure everyone is on the same page