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This is a message I got from one of my readers,

So I work at Fred Meyer and the other night a lady came in with over $200 worth of catalina coupons from walgreens ranging from $2 off to $5 off. She was purchasing patio furniture, a barbecue, a gift card and a bunch of .10 cent washers. Her total was about $550. She also had other coupons that would give her some $300 of total purchase. I told her we would accept only a couple of the catalina coupons per purchase since they were not ours. I cant understand why she thought she could use walgreens catalina to come to Fred Meyer and purchase those high price items. She left and called the glenwood store to see if they would accept them. They called and talked to me and I told them I asked her to come back tomorrow and talk to Store Director. They rang her up and when the register asked for override on coupon, they told her they couldnt override it and she was out of luck.

One more question, how does someone accumulate so many catalina coupons from one store? This customer had stacks of them. Does this sound suspicious to you? We suspected maybe she worked at Walgreens and kept customers coupons, I know thats grounds for termination but I have never seen anyone with that many or seen that many print out in the years I have worked there. I guess she bought some monitor over in pharmacy and received $5 off coupon then got a rebate for the item and donated it.

First off I have to say how thankful I am for kind cashiers that help us all get great deals with our coupon.  Not all cashiers are so kind so thanks to those of you who are.  It was all around the blog world that Walgreens easy saver coupon book would go away due to people abusing  the system, a few months later it came true and as of April we no longer have the easy saver coupon books.  The new ” word in the blog world” is that the register Reward program will also be ending in August.  ( this is just talk, no one has confirmed it yet)  the reason they are thinking of ending the RR program is because some people are abusing the system and getting 10,20 or more free items a week.  When the program is set up for you to get one.  
 I do not know the lady that had over $200.00 in Register rewards, I would hope she got them in an honest way.  I hope the register reward program does not go away…but if thing do not change I fear it will.

Thanks to Cathy for helping me find this to repost!

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