Quaker Problem

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qAlbertsons has caught a problem with the Quaker Oat coupon. It appears the PDF that Quaker Oats is using is not working and refunding the stores back. So Albertsons has stopped accepting them. Sorry for the delay.

Here is Albertsons local letter to customers:

Attention Customers,
We have been directed not to accept a certain coupon from the internet on Quaker Chewy granola bars. This coupon is fraudulent and so Quaker Co. will not honor the coupon for us to get credit. One UPC is on Aunt Jamima Syrup and the other is on Quaker, so it is not honorable. Again any questions please see management when you come into the store.
The site is a “like” Quaker site:
  • no limits on qty of coupons allowed to be printed off website
  • no watermarking or time/date stamp ont he edge of the coupon to show the time of print
  • no limits in the redemptions guidlines on the coupon
” The manufacturer has contirmed that this coupon is not legitimate and has instructed not to accept for these products”

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