Quaker Sale at Ridleys

Thanks to Jennifer for passing this along,

There is a GREAT sale starting today through next Monday on Quaker Products at Ridley’s. There is a Ridley’s in Middleton and I spoke to the assistant manager this morning.

Capt’n Crunch cereal is on sale for $.97/box with your advantage card (you can sign up for free) when you purchase five boxes in one transaction. Use the $3/5 mfg. coupon that was printed in the Albertson’s ad two weeks ago. You pay $1.85 for 5 boxes of cereal which is $.37 per box.

It also includes the granola bars, oatmeal, etc. but they are not the exact same price to start. They were just getting ready to unload a pallet this morning. If you are concerned they might not have any by the time you get there, call 585-3043 and place an order (there are no rain checks for this sale). They receive freight on Thursday and Saturday mornings. If you order today, should be able to pick up on Thursday.


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