Readers First Coupon trip….


 I attended your couponing class yesterday in Middleton. I live in Meridian and a friend of mine had tipped me off. It was very much worth the drive. I was sold on the idea of intense couponing, as I’m calling it, by several friends, and last week I ordered my thrifty paper subscription, deciding to just dive right in. My first paper came on Wednesday and had doublers…I was so excited!

After several hours of frustration this morning searching blogs for good deals, printing internet coupons, (kicking the printer, cursing the wireless network) I left the house very stressed to try my hand at this intense couponing thing.

3 bags of Malt o’meal cereal – 93 cents each.
1 gallon of milk – 92 cents.
Frozen pizza 2.50
2 peaches @ 50 cents a pound (my filler item-I was 21 cents negative).
FREE 4 loaves roman meal bread
FREE reach dental floss
3 packs Kotex feminine supplies 1.99 each

PLUS a register reward for $3.

Final score: $14.25 spent (including tax) $15.79 in promo savings and $31.07 in coupon savings. That’s a 69% savings! Even when you factor in the inflated original Albertsons’ prices I figure I saved 50% off what I would normally pay (at WINCO).


I was so excited when I got home I had to take a picture of the stash…and my daughter Rachel climbed up on the table to get into the action!

Thanks again…I was kind of dreading the whole thing, since I know our store gets wiped out fast, and I was worried about cashiers being nice, letting me multiple doublers, but it was great! I’ve already paid for the paper subscription for this month! My husband is newly laid off and will probably be out of work for some time as he goes back to school to pursue his dream career, and today’s couponing success has recharged my battery and reassured me that yes, we’ll somehow make it through this. We can even still have soda and pizza!

Great Job Sarah H. It makes me so happy to see you saving money!

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