Readers great deals at Walgreens


For those of you who are new to the coupon world, and feel a bit overwhelmed.  Remember to start out small, with time you will be getting lots of Thrifty deals,  just like my reader Tracie. To view this weeks Walgreens deals click here
 I have been following and watching and learning for the last few weeks and slowly getting the hang of the coupon thing and collecting a nice amount of coupons.  So I finally decided to go to Walgreens today and have a go at it and this is what I got….
3 Rembrandt toothpaste
3 Nivea body wash
4 Pringles
3 Oust
7 packs of wrapping paper
2 Asprins
1 Airwick eye motion
2 Campbell soups
I spent 10.80 out of pocket and still have 6.00 in RR rewards and a few coupons left and they told me they would get another shipment in on Wednesday.  Again thank you, I appreciate all the time you and all the others take to share the great deals with us.  It really has helped me out so much in this economy.  Tracie in Olympia 🙂

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