Readers Success….with Hidden Coupons

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I posted this earlier today…my wordpress is acting up and it deleted it as well as another post???   Anyway this is an email I got from one of my readers who got a very thrifty deal at Albertsons.  She was able to do this thanks to her mom who eat “gross oatmeal”, make sure you look for these coupons….lol!
My mom and I have been following you blog since August 2009. We have found several great deals along the way by following your blog. But tonight was the best deal ever. We combined our coupons and a little of our brains and we able to get all of this……
22 boxes of Life Cereal
22 boxes of Quaker Granola bars
11 Quaker Oatmeal
11 pkgs of Quaker Rice quakes
We were able to get this awesome deal because my moms likes gross oatmeal, raisins nuts  or something like that and it paid off because inside every pkg (of this flavor only) there was a booklet of coupons. (This made me laugh…..)
we used :
11 $1/2 Life
11 $1/2 Quaker granola bars
11 $1/1 Oatmeal
8 $.75/1 Rice Cakes
All of this for ……$.38 .. yep thirty- eight cents… so exciting all of the cashiers and manager had to come and see. We saved  $213.69.. wow-zers!!
Just had to share my excitement,
Kristin and Lynn

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