Readers Thrifty Deal

thanksgiving-dinner-4-clipartThanks to Tiffany for passing along her thrifty tip …

I did a turkey deal at Wal-Mart successfully today that I had not seen anyone post about. I took the $3 off any 12-22lb turkey coupon from todays Albertsons ad and paired it with a coupon (I don’t know which set it came from because I am a clipper instead of a whole insert saver) that was save $4 off a butterball turkey when you buy any four of either heinz jar gravy, stove top stuffing or Pillsbury crescent rolls. Wal-Mart has the butterball turkeys on sale for .98 a pound. There are lots of 12-13 lb turkeys so you can get a turkey for $5-$6. A butterball turkey to boot.
Of course you have to buy either stuffing, croissants or gravy but there is coupons for those too. Take the target ad and the stuffing and gravy is both .79. Then there is coupons for $1 off 3 gravy (or the labels for $1 off 2 gravy), a printable for .50 off 2 stuffings making them even cheaper. The Fred Meyers in Nampa also has a bunch of tear pads for stuffing when you buy 4 the 5th one is free

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