Readers Thrifty tip when shopping at JC Penny

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jcpThanks to Brittaney for passing this wonderful tip along!

Last weekend I went to JCPenney to do some shopping for my kids and they had a TON of stuff in clearance (especially women’s!) marked up to 85% off! I found myself some EXTREMELY nice shirts for $2.95 each, underwear for my son clearanced for $3, some outfits for my daughter and even a nice necklace for me. To top it off  I had a 15% off my entire order coupon (that i used for completely the survey with the last receipt) I ended up spending $22 and saved $98.28!! What a great deal!!

JCP has the BEST clearance prices and the highest quality clothing! Plus, EVERY receipt prints with a survey, you can do the survey to get an addition 15% off your entire order and you use it WITH OTHER COUPONS! (one per month i believe) Once you take the survey you can print the coupon and its good for 30 days. I wait til he end of the 30 days (or wait til i get $ off Qs in the mail), go check out the clearance, use the Q then get another receipt and take the survey again.

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