Reading in the dark

If you are a parent you know that the “bedtime routine” can be rough some nights.   But sticking to the same routine seems to make going to bed a little easier for my little ones.  That does not mean that they do not come up with every excuse in the book to get out of bed.  But it does help them settle down and fall sleep a little quicker.

We normally come together every night and read  books, sing a few songs and have family prayer.  Then we head upstairs to brush teeth, use the bathroom and take that most important last drink of water (they have all day to drink, but come bed time  they act like a camel that hasn’t had a drink in days).

Once in bed I sing each one of them a song, tuck them in with their dollies and teddy bears and read them one more book.  I also try to talk to them about their day for a few minutes and make sure they know how much I love them.  Then I kiss them goodnight.  Sometimes they stay in bed and other nights they goof around and take forever to fall asleep (those are the nights I want to put earplugs in and pretend I don’t have kids…lol)

So you can imagine the drama that occurred at bedtime last week while I was gone to BlogHer Conference.  Luckly I had thought ahead and gave them a book that recorded my voice.  All they had to do was open the cover and Mommy was able to read them a story.  Seemed like the perfect plan till Matt realized the dark room was not bright enough to activate the book.  The kids went from missing Mom to full on panic as they were not going to hear Mommy read them a story goodnight.  Thankfully we had our Rayovac flashlight on hand to save the day……before the kids went totally ballistic.  They were then able to snuggle up with their blankets, and with flashlight in hand have Mommy read them a story.  They had so much fun that once I came back they wanted me to read all of their books to them by flashlight.

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