Recipe for Cooking ~ Campfire Marshmallow Eclairs

Thanks to Tales Of An Everyday Coupon Mom  for this money saving  recipe on how to make Campfire Marshmallow Eclairs.  I would have never thought doing this but man they look yummy.  Perfect for a tasty treat in front of the campfire.

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 Campfire Marshmallow Eclairs.They are simple to make and so good. We started by wrapping a regular big marshmallow and a piece of  chocolate  in one refrigerated biscuit (you know the ones that make you jump every time you open the can!).

Place the covered marshmallow on a roasting stick and hold over the fire. We kept ours about a foot or so above the coals. You want it to cook slowly so that the biscuit has a chance to puff up and cook all the way through. You also want the marshmallow to warm up and get soft and gooey. If you hold it too close to the coals, it will cook too quickly and not warm all the way through. Rotate the stick every 30 seconds or so that it cooks evenly. Be careful though because you don’t want to lose it in the fire!

When your marshmallow is ready, it’s gooeyness will start to come out of the seams. Mmm…..almost done. Carefully remove your marshmallow éclair from the roasting stick and put it on a plate. Top with chocolate frosting and a spoonful of whipped cream. Enjoy and repeat (trust me, you will want more than one!).