Replace A Worn Out Trampoline Safety Pad With Pool Noodles ~ Easy DIY

replace a worn out trampoline safety pad with pool noodles ~ Easy DIY, #diy, #trampoline, #poolnoodles, #homeimprovement

Here is a quick and easy safety tip that can be done on a budget…. Replace A Worn Out Trampoline Safety Pad With Pool Noodles .  Plus it looks really cool, I love how the bright colors POP and make the trampoli look bright and cheerful.

replace a worn out trampoline safety pad with pool noodles ~ Easy DIY, #trampoline,#diy, #safety, #safetytips, #poolnoodles, #homeimprovement

We have had a trampoline for a few years now and I think we take pretty good care of it.  We take it down for the winter, and try to avoid the kids “abusing” it.  Unfortunately, I can’t say the same thing for the weather!  All it took was a few bad wind storms last year and the poor net and safety pad were trash!  I am sure I am not the only one who got pinched by a trampoline spring or two as a kid. It doesn’t feel good!  I was hoping to avoid that with my kids. Since I am thrifty, I didn’t want to spend a lot on a replacement.  These pool noodles were from the dollar store.  I bought 10 but only ended up needing 9.  Can’t beat $9!  Not to mention, I think it looks fun and brightens up the back yard!

You will need:

Pool noodles

box cutter

A tool to remove the springs (we got one with our trampoline that we saved. but I found a replacement here for super inexpensive if you need one!)

Begin by measuring your spring and deciding what length you would like your sections to be.  Then measure and cut your pool noodles into as many sections as it will provide.  You will probably end up with little pieces off the ends, save them, they will work for summertime crafts for the kids!

Once you have them all cut, it is time to put them over the springs. Using your nifty tool, remove one spring at a time, sliding the pool noodle onto the spring before replacing it.

replace a worn out trampoline safety pad with pool noodles ~ Easy DIY, #diy, #poolnoodles,#trampoline, #homeimprovement

This isn’t hard, just monotonous.  Thankfully I had my husband do it for me and it took him just a few minutes.

There you have it!  A bright, cheerful trampoline makeover that will be fun all summer long!

replace a worn out trampoline safety pad with pool noodles ~ Easy DIY, #trampoline,#diy, #poolnoodles, #homeimprovement

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  1. RUST! Hmmm, loved this idea, but after trying I’m not so sure.  I covered a 15′ trampoline — including the outer ring (with plastic ties on split noodles).  Cost about $20 with $1 noodles.  BUT I immediately discovered that the noodles trap water around the springs — which will cause them to rust quickly (and discolors the noodles to boot!)  So, I’m going to have to cover the noodles anyway — perhaps I can cover with some cheap plastic and still save money.  But, a cheap-o trampoline pad (I saw one for $50) might last as long as this DIY and not have the drawbacks — sure costing double, but probably worth it.  Love the look though — and we are not through trying to make it work yet…

  2. Hello,
    I realize you posted this long ago but I’m hoping you’ll respond to me anyway. This looks like a great inexpensive solution but I just read on another blog that the noodles pop off when kids are bouncing. Did this happen to yours? If so, did you find a fix for it?

  3. Better not meddle yourselves with such issues. Each trampoline should abide to strict safety rules:

    It’s like trying to fix your own electric problems without calling an electrician.

  4. Wow that’s a nice DIY project for your trampoline. however a 10ft trampoline pad is still the best.  Get one from for safety and protection.

  5. LoriMalufau egigas if so maybe glue? I have used gorilla glue for lots of plastics and rubber and the stuff is great, but if you can find another kind, test it,  if another brand  works better that’s good

  6. Make the pool noodles maybe an inch longer so when the springs stretch they’ll still be covered (especially the ends) and also get the right size pipe insulation that’s split for the outer ring, or carefully split the pool noodles and use them…glue the split back together after putting it on, or some wire ties, (put so lock on it and end, cut of excess is facing down/away for additional safety) Pool noodles are cheaper than pipe insulation and colorful, but have to be split for that. I hope that helps, don’t want anyone getting hurt, just lots of fun!!

  7. egigas That’s the way we did it; thought it was so easy, but the kids kept taking them off!!  I’m going to do it again, and pull the spring through…will take much more time, but hopefully will last longer!

  8. Very bad idea. The danger is not the springs but the bar. It violates all manufacturers warnings, ASTM standards and us gymnastic safety to bounce without pads on the bar. Don’t do it! Lawyers like me will be waiting to get you for this very negligent behavior. Trampolines are very fun and safe when used according to the rules. I defended trampoline companies for years and the only injuries I ever saw was more than one bouncing at a time, no pads, and doing somersaults. Come on people read the instructions.

  9. I did this last year and it has to be an annual thing unless you zip tie them on because this year they keep coming off when the kids bounce

  10. Hubby must have had fun with all those springs.  Why not slice one side and slip over the springs…?

  11. We have the net around the trampoline, so it keeps the kids from falling through. But the pad wore out so quickly, this looks like an excellent fix! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I prefer the pads for it helps them to not fall through the springs, but this is awesome if you don’t have a pad!

  13. Like, share or pin so you can remember this idea for later…. See post for all the details. Trampoline make over for $9 woot woot

  14. Safety pads cover the spaces between the springs as well, otherwise your foot can get caught and an injury can occur.

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