Resurrection Eggs ~ Easter Free Printable

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I saw this FREE PRINTABLE  on Raising Busy Chickadees  and wanted to share it with you.  These are called Resurrection Eggs a fun way to help you little ones count down the days till Easter and learn the Resurrection story as well. She offers the printable list, and images for free you just need to gather the supplies to make them.  


  1. I love this. I teach Sunday School in Chicago and sometimes I have two kids and sometimes I might have 6 kids. I did not want to go and buy 48 plastic eggs to make Resurrection eggs and have more kids come or have lots left over. I am going to use this printable and trace eggs on to construction paper. I have some plastic hoops and they can glue on the picture to a paper egg and add to hoop. If I have more we kids we will just cut out more eggs. The kids can carry the “key chain” style Resurrection eggs with them. I plan on giving them on plastic egg that will be empty, like the tomb. 
    Thanks, Rita

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