Revlon Nail Clippers only .59 cents at Walgreens

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034While shopping at my local Walgreens I noticed they had many of the Revlon Implements on clearance. The easy grip nail clippers were marked down from $4.99 to only $1.59.  But if you look in the December Walgreens coupon book, there is a coupon for $1 off Revlon Implements.  Use this coupon and you are able to get them for only .59 cents each.  These are the heavy duty, really nice clippers….growing up we called them the “toe clippers” because they were the only ones that would hack away at my brothers jumbo toe nails.  Haa haa haa those were the days!

I bought two of them, used one coupon it took $1 off twice at the register my total was $1.37 with tax, I then paid with a $1 register reward that I got back from buying the Glade Candles.  So I was able to get them both for only .37 cents!  If I was to pay full price they would have cost me $9.98!  Now that is a thrifty deal!

The December Coupon book also has a $3 off  Revlon Beauty Tool.  They had a lot of these items on clearance as well. SO check them out and see what thrifty deals you are able to find!

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