Rice Dream Milk As Low As $0.96 At Walmart – New Coupon

rice dreams milk atm

Rice Dream milk is a rice-based, non-dairy milk.

The shelf-stable milk will stay fresh in your pantry for up to a year.

Use it in cereal, recipes or just drink it by the glass.

Rice Dream Milk (shelf-stable) – $1.96 – $2.24 (Walmart)


$1.00 off any one DREAM™ Non-Dairy Beverage, 64 oz

21 thoughts on “Rice Dream Milk As Low As $0.96 At Walmart – New Coupon”

  1. I love this drink and there ice cream…but now with arsenic found in rice…I haven’t looked into the content of it in this product

  2. A Thrifty Mom

    Thank you Karen. I find the ‘wtf’ very offensive myself. We always try to make sure all of our posts have the correct coupon & links to them. We do make mistakes but this time there was no mistake made. They coupon is in the post twice. I think the commenter could have found a nicer way to ask about the coupon. 🙁

  3. A Thrifty Mom

    These last up to a year on the shelf. Perfect for food storage. 🙂

  4. Karen Forrest

    Plus they both keep for a lot longer than milk does … so if you’re doing food storage or just don’t like going to the store several times a month, it’s good stuff.

  5. Karen Forrest

    BTW, the Almond milk is also $1 off with this coupon. It is really yummy as well, also a great milk alternative.

  6. Karen Forrest

    Here is the link that A Thrifty Mom posted in this/her status at the top:
    Click on the link/picture for the rice milk and it will take you to the coupon page.
    Here is the link to the coupon page to clip and print out.
    You do know what “Wtf” means right? Some people might take that derogatoraly … because it means “What the F*ck”. Just saying because some people just assume that it might mean something else.
    A Thrifty Mom does a very good job of keeping us all informed about great deals. I appreciate her efforts.
    Thanks A Thrifty Mom!

  7. Tracie Gennette Kinghorn

    Ha, I don’t have a recipe, but Horchata is a sweetened rice milk concoction that I buy at little Mexican restaurants around here. It’s delectable!

  8. Kelly Crooks Champion

    Well i see the coupon twice in this post! Seems like some people are never happy and live their life being negative. If you dont like the posts you can choose to not follow this page! A thrifty mom rocks and always has very clear posts to help. I learned so much from her!!!

  9. Tonya Baker

    You know what. You are one of the rudest, nastiest people I have ever come across. What gives YOU the right to ‘wtf’ anybody when they are in this business to HELP you. Obviously you need to wear your glasses because the coupon is there. The real question is, WTF is wrong with you?

  10. A Thrifty Mom

    Yes. As a matter of fact, I do see a coupon. It’s in the post not once, but twice.

  11. So what do you pay at Walmart when you cash out…I do not see any coupon..do you?

  12. Karen Forrest

    No, it doesn’t taste like regular milk but it is a good substitute as far as taste goes. To me it is slightly sweeter than milk and quite frankly just tastes like rice in milk.
    This is a good deal too.

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