Ridley’s Fill a Bag full Produce promo

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As a Thrifty couponer getting produce on a great deal takes some doing.

Ridley’s this week has made it easy…. Fill a bag for a flat rate

$5 ~ Medium bag or $10~ Large bag
Large Navel oranges
cucumber bushel
hydroponic tomatos
Blackberries (limit 1)
Blueberries (limit 1)
Red leaf lettuce
green leaf lettuce
Romaine lettuce
Baker potatoes
celery (stalk)
mushroom (whole cello-wrapped, limit 1)
mushroom (sliced cello-wrapped, limit 1)
Braeburn apple
Cameo apple

Ingard’s $5 produce bag….

Sarah’s $5 produce bag

Ingard and I headed out this morning to Ridley’s and  we got all of these items for $5

They have another bag for $10 which was a bit wider and taller.

A Thrifty Mom and Ingard

So Ingard and I had fun rocking the produce sale this morning at Ridleys…. fun way to spend Valentines Day 🙂

Did you know we both have matching hair cuts…lol

Little Maveric came along for the trip as well. Ridley’s has “car carts” so he had a blast riding in style as mommy shopped for groceries… sure wish all stores had these and maybe I would bring him with me more often.

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